Bringing a new Car Wash Experience to Bermuda

'Budget-Jet Car Wash and Detailing Services' is an innovative business venture (that opened its doors in 2015) offering to Bermuda a quality soapy-jet-spray car wash service. The business is located at 154 North Shore Road, Pembroke (just outside the hustle and bustle of the city of Hamilton – opposite Grace Methodist Church).  Budget-Jet boasts a convenient Valet 'Pick Up and Drop Off' service available for pre-booked car wash appointments.

The business is owned by ‘The Salawu family’ and targets quality conscious individuals who value their car enough to invest their money in a more personal car care service, at an affordable cost. 'Budget-Jet's' car care team are each trained and experienced to offer you a personal, friendly service in an uplifting environment. We know how good it feels to drive a clean car and Budget-Jet prides itself in the one-on-one approach we take with each client’s car. This locally-owned business provides growth and development opportunities for its team members and aims to inspire each worker with a new sense of purpose. We look forward to making you 'our customers' feel welcomed as valued friends of 'Budget-Jet' - whose car care we treat as if it were our own!

HAPPY Customer Reviews!

When asked the following 'Quality of Service' questions, SEE a few Budget-Jet Car Wash customer reviews ... HOW’D WE DO ON (a) Customer reception? (b) Personal details of your car service? (c) Timing of your car service? (d) Good value for money?

“Hi Tracy! 100 % on all the above! I just need to extend my appreciation once again for a job well done! I didn’t know how to drive off yesterday evening coz it felt like a totally different car to me.  Ha Ha! So thank you very much and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!”

“Tracy we’ve just come up from the car – Wow! Almost didn’t recognize it as ours as it looks SO SPIFFY! Thank you all for your SUPERB JOB and for the door to door valet service especially! Couldn’t have done it without the the pick up and drop off! Such excellent trustworthy customer service too! We’ll definitely be back! Cheers”

“Oh my goodness is that my car?! I can’t believe it! I wish I had taken some before and after pictures. I can’t wait to show it to my husband!  Excellent!  You will definitely be seeing me again!”

“Wow!  I am so grateful for you business. Thank you Lord! My car has been revived! I’ve told many people already! You guys are the best! I am so happy! You’ve made my day!”

“Awesome! Two thumbs up! Totally GREAT job! I’ll be back!”

“Amazing! Is that my car?! It looks like a new car! I feel like I should take my shoes off before I get in it.  Thank you so much!”

"Good evening Tracy! I  am very pleased  with the car. You did an excellent job it looks brand new!
I would highly recommend you to friends and family. And my car did pass @ TCD today!  I'm so relieved.  You will see me again in a couple of months time. Happy Easter to you and your family and may you get many more customers."

" Hello Tracy. All excellent! There isn't anything I could comment on in a negative way and I would totally recommend Budget-Jet to my friends . Have a lovely Easter weekend!"